Soundtracks of your life

Hey music lover, thanks for popping by to Playmode where we give your old CD collection new life. At Playmode we take our music very seriously.

We get that your music isn’t just something you play when you have a few friends round or when you’re hitting the gym, it’s the soundtrack to your life. Which is why we want to preserve it.

We’ll take your whole CD collection (yes, even your copy of Kylie Minogue’s debut album, if that’s what you want) and transfer it to a digital format so you can listen to it wherever and whenever you want.

We’re quick, we’re affordable and we’re professional.

From one music lover to another


You’ve spent a lifetime building your CD collection. How many do you have?
Several hundred? Several thousand?
And, we’ll bet, every CD is precious.

Hey, we understand. Every album has a memory attached and every song is imprinted on your heart.
Sure, that sounds a bit dramatic, but then so does some music, those 80’s rock ballads, for example.

But just because technology has moved on, doesn’t mean you have to.
We’re in the business of preserving memories and we’d love to help you preserve yours.

Playmode offers fast, professional conversion from CD to MP3.




Here’s how your order works:

We charge an affordable fee based on how many CDs you have.

We arrange the packaging and shipping of your CD collection to us for conversion.

We provide professional grade conversion to MP3.

We provide the relevant album art and data on the MP3 so you can easily keep track of your music.

We return your entire CD collection with your new digital music library loaded onto a flash drive, external hard drive, SD card, or NAS.

You spend many happy hours listening to your new digital music library.

Your music is our passion


Are you ready to bring your music collection into the 21st century? As music lovers ourselves, we’re very excited for you. Just think, all your music preserved for eternity in one, convenient place. Your digital library awaits.

Click here, if you have more than 500 CDS and we will work something out.

* delivery outside of metropolitan cities will be R350
** customers in Joburg can drop off their disks to save courier costs
*** there will be an extra fee of R150 for a usb stick, if not supplied
**** minimum of 50 CDs to place an order

Contact Us

+27 83 488 0000


Playmode is in the business of converting your purchased CDs into digital format. Any copyrights and conditions that apply to your CD collection, applies to your new digital library. Under copyright law, it is illegal to download or share copyrighted materials such as music without the permission of the copyright owner. Playmode does not condone or take responsibility for any behavior that infringes on the rights of the copyright owner. This includes the rerecording and sharing of this music with a third party.